Civic Engagement at JET

With the general election just around the corner, JET has endeavoured to create awareness in our own little way. Newcastle City Councillors Habib Rahman and Stephen Lambert recently visited JET to educate our clients about the political system in the UK, why we should vote and how we can register to vote. 

We did a few sessions at JET itself and also at the Newcastle Central Mosque. These sessions were well-attended and while doing feedback we learnt that the learners had taken away a lot from these sessions. Read some of the responses below:

"I didn't know who our MP was but now I do."

"I didn't think I was eligible to vote but the councillors said if I have a National Insurance number, it is worth checking so I am going to do that."

"I am going to encourage my children to become part of the political system as youngsters' representation in the current system is low."

We followed this up with another session where we helped learners who wanted to register to vote to get online and register themselves.
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